The fees in Greece are different from the fees in UK, they are ranging from 50- 80 euros depending on the individual case.


Self-funding - if the client is funding the sessions, the fee is £60 per hour. If home visits are regularly required and the travelling time will be more than 30 minutes one way there is an additional fee of £15 per session to account for travelling time.


Funded - if the sessions are funded through an organisation,

e.g. as part of a compensation claim, by the person’s employer, through a health insurance policy, then the fee is £80 per hour.  £15 per session is added for home visits if the travelling time will be more than 30 minutes one way.


Generally most sessions are one hour in duration. However, due to the nature of some interventions, they can be longer. If this is the case then the fee will be arranged prior to such sessions.


The fee includes written material such as diaries & handouts. If there needs to be a significant amount of contact in between sessions a fee will be negotiated with regard to this contact.